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Free Interactive Educational Reading Games

By the time my children were 2 they could recognize at least 20 words in a variety of situations. They loved reading and were keen to learn. When other parents heard about this, they also wanted their children to learn to read, so I started a successful preschool reading program at a local licensed preschool.

If you would like to teach your own child to read, then it is within your reach. You can begin as early as you like with activities that produce reading readiness.

These 3 simple reading games are designed to help your child with word recognition. Some of them use sound.

Car Words
Colour Words
Rhyme with all

Learn to Read Activities Pack 1

The following beginning to read activity pack is designed to help your child with word recognition.

photo of cd activity pack

Cost $9.90 USD
This is a downloadable zip file (2.1mb) that contains 4 interactive reading games to help your child learn the words I, am and here .
The words Mother and father are used and the letter m can be seen and heard.
It also includes printable worksheets (PDF) and a web page article with some background information and other reading activities that may be helpful.

To sample a small section of one of the games Click here

Buy this downloadable version:

The games require an Adobe Flash Player that can be downloaded free from www.adobe.com if you do not already have it installed on your computer.
If the free games above worked then you already have a Flash player.


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